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We help the owner comply with their insurance policy guidelines and cooperate during an investigation. When someone makes a claim after a loss, the insurance adjuster looks for a detailed inventory of the contents inside and outside a building. It is hard for the home or business owner to come up with a list of items after the fact and prove to the insurance company that they’re telling the truth. We would like you to take a look at an excerpt from an actual homeowner’s policy. You’ll understand why work needs to be done soon after you get the policy.

Would I be able to do this service myself? Click the plus sign to the left for details.

Absolutely.  You can document your belongings yourself but keep in mind it’s a much more complicated process than one would expect. The key to our service is that we are experienced and guarantee our results. So not only will your adjuster have confidence he is working with a legitimate representation of your belongings, but you will also have confidence that your belongings list and photos will always be accessible no matter what disaster occurs. We will have the data archived for you on our servers ready when you are.

What will I receive to show my insurance company in my time of need? Click the plus sign to the left for details.

Once your photo session is complete, you will receive a CD and a certificate of completion. The CD should be kept in a safe place and the certificate should be kept in your wallet, because claims don’t always happen when you are at home, and having our address handy could be of help.

Lastly, we have developed a state if the art secured internet archiving facility that only you or your insurance company can access. The only people that will have access to this data will be you or your adjustor. The value here is that once an adjuster is assigned to your claim that person can access your data day or night and begin the adjustment process immediately.


Our service will take away the worry that your inventory list was destroyed or missing.

The key to our service is that we are a
“disinterested” third party who has nothing
to gain from your claim settlement.

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We have developed a state of the art internet archiving facility that you and your adjuster will only have access to your data.

Paying the premium on your insurance policy isn’t enough. You must read your policy carefully and comply with the terms.  Having an inventory of the contents of your home or business is required by all insurance companies. Most policy holders don’t because they didn’t read the fine print or find the process cumbersome.

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